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We are a specialist underfloor heating company based in the Cheshire area, supplying the complete solution for your underfloor heating requirements. As approved installers for many of the leading manufacturers in the UK we can spec the right system for your project and deliver a complete package from design to commissioning. We will manage all aspects of the installation process, allowing the client to concentrate on other aspects of the build.



Underfloor heating – how it works:

Underfloor heating warms up your home very differently from the traditional radiator systems. Here’s a quick explanation as to how it works:

Underfloor Heating gently heats the floor by either warm water pipe or electric cable. It is already widely used in other countries and is now being recognised in the UK as the most modern energy-efficient option for space heating.



Renewable energy and underfloor heating

Growing concern for the environment and regarding energy costs amongst consumers is bringing an increasing emphasis on how homes are heated. In addition, the Government’s new Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH), which gives new homes a sustainability rating, includes carbon emissions levels in that rating.

Underfloor heating offers energy savings to the homeowner when compared to traditional radiator systems. Typically the water used in a UFH system only needs to be heated to 45-65˚C, which contrasts with radiator systems, which use water at 70-80˚C.